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>>> "I've learned to appreciate your lawyer," she said,
>>> tilting her head to indicate someone behind her. "Has he been with you
>>> long?" There was a certain threat that played at the corner of her eyes
>>> as she spoke.
> Lucius visibly relaxed as he realised that she, at least for the moment,
> only intended to discuss trivial matters.
> "Indeed?" He raised an eyebrow, stealing a glance over his shoulder. "I've
> not had him long, though I admit he's been quite a welcome addition to the
> staff." He stroked his girlfriend's ankle.

Sinistra could only imagine Ive being a welcoming addition to Lucius'
"staff." Before she could reply, an unseemly, if not ill-mannered, Severus
Snape came through the doorway.

o_0 [hides behind the divan.]

He, of course.. i don't know quite how to descibe his expression. "preening" dosen't seem to be in the least adequate.

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He paused in the doorway - somehow not suprised by the scene before him. Surely this scene would have fired the brush of a Pre-Raphealite. Maiden, cherub, and corpse. Ive suppessed both a chuckle and a sigh.

Padding over to Medea and Tybalt, he greeted hem both as politely as if they had been standing over the tea-trays instead of over the dead. "Young miss, young sir," he said quietly, reaching down for Tybalt's hand. Inclining his head to Medea he told her, with a trace of sadness, "I'm sorry you had to come upon this.. accident by yourself. And I am equally sorry for what I must now do."

With those words his wand was out of his sleeve and passing before Medea's eyes. "Obliviate," he murmured. The Charm drew itself around her vision like a blanket of green leaves.

to Lucius, re: the corpse: - shall i see to her rest? - tanglevine plant to eat her in the gardens - a few hours to digest, a forcedome around the plant meanwhile - get Snape to help identify posion/put up forcedome? (are we ready to trust him so far yet? can he be so trusted?) will be tired afterwards.

.. not sure if this is actually what he'll do exactly, or what he'll get a chance to do, but it's a thought to keep.

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"Another word, in a more romantic time, for somone is my profession was the confidant." He stroked the boy's white hair lightly where it feathered across the pillow. "I am bound by magical law, and more, by tradition and pride, to keep your secrets." He suspected that those last two - pride, especially - would hold more weight with the boy than a suite of empty strictures laid down by the fearful that was dignified with the name Law and made to bar all the most convienent paths. He sank down onto the edge of the bed. "Choose me, or choose someone, my young Lord. To wake screaming indicates a dangerous loss of control."

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And will you war with your body? Or will you war with words?

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The evening flows but slowly at the Manor. Some few of the things I require proceed apace; Vale is clearly caught up with me, despite a.. rather messy incident in the stables. Her husband I must speak to next; through my own rashness I owe them both a favor all too undefined, and would prefer them yoked to me as I must now be to them.

Serren is yet missing in the Malfoy labryinth; I should suspect that Lucius is already with her. It will be a delicate operation, discovering if she truly is in love with the man or merely making a daring play at securing his trust. His ear is as close or closer yet to Voldemort's lips as Snape's, and the Ministry would dearly love to know what my Lord knows. And if it is a bit of both? Her daring; her folly.

I know what Lucius is like, should he think himself betrayed.

And Snape, yes, and Draco and Blaise. They, too, have been gone a mysterious long time. I do not doubt the Professor's ability to deal with whatever this.. Thing is that roams the Malfoy grounds should it come upon them, but I should suspect that they as yet know nothing of it. And therefore.. well. Were I faced with such distractions all aknowing, with evening soon to fall, and in a terrace'd garden..
[gestures briefly toward the hedgemaze with an amused expression.]

They will play to me in time. And if not.. then I to them. Blaise adds a complication, but may ultimately prove a useful lever.

And Sinastra.. ah, my lady Professor Sinastra. Why do I sense that she is the dark horse in this, this woman who has already laid her silver mark on my neck?

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I sense - I scent that the flow among these serpents, their sleek gliding and testing of one another, it about to receive its first shock, its first nudge toward polarization. This is inevitable.

The question then becomes: where to place myself on this first spectrum? What I must do, what is beneficial for me to do, and where my pleasures lie are ranged across the board with few simple connections between them.

And Lucius.. ah. The eternal question of Lucius. So it was years ago and so it is again: half my plans must somehow hinge upon him, and he holds more answers than I care to let him.

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erugh. most dissatisfied with ive's last move in-game. always did hate bridge peices and in-game scutwork. so difficult to put any flavor into them when bored out of tree. really want to wrap up this primary investigation of the TWCEU's spoor and get back to the balance of the other players, but.. what must be done, so be done.

(besides, his big mouth that suggested it. know he wanted Tybalt out of harm's way. starting to suspect he also wanted to get rid of Narcissa, Viv and Damon. former two starting to irritate him a bit.)

two new players, both playing students. number of characters now trying to get up Snape's nose (or robes): 5. heh. best steer Ive in his direction before the poor man drowns. going to need him later.

combed journal for old Ive-related bits; dumping them here so i can have easier access to them. majority of game/other player observations going to be locked down because they're boring to anyone but me.

floating snippets and personality notes. )
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And why does it seem that I need the trust of a man I have met but once, when his simple desire would serve just as well? The latter I already have the seed of; he need not comply. But the former.. ah. Can he be drawn long enough from his silver-skinned distraction?

Disturbing. Trust will take twice as long to gain, and once gained, I can break it but once. And yet, and yet.. My instinct has not steered me wrong as yet.

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History is a river that, while always different, never fails to take the course carved for and by itself. Without intervention, nothing will change save the depth of the bed - the terrible immutability of its course.

To save a boy from my own fate, I mean to build a dam.

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[taps his lips thoughtfully.]

Any game we play with Snape must be in deadly earnest.

Any game we play with Sinastra will be deadly.


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