May. 21st, 2002

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>"There you are," Damon said, coming up behind Lucius. He'd departed from
>the study after Ive and Snape had completed their spell to determine the
>cause of death, but having heard Lucius' voice, he'd found his father right
>back at the study, along with the red-headed. . .thing.
>"I was just looking for you to tell you about all this," he added. Around
>Shryant, he chose to keep things brief and vague. The slimy, slovenly man
>was obviously looking for anything to pounce on and sink his teeth into.
>"This dull attempt at a party must have bored her to death," Shryant
>commented, snickering at the looks of distaste he received from the three
>men in reply. "But really, how'd you do it, Lucy-poo? Or better yet, why?
>Aren't you glad it's just me asking, rather than the Ministry?" He grinned
>a feral grin. "Oh, that would be a real cryin' shame, it would."
>With a swift motion, he blocked Professor Snape and Ive's passage out of the
>room. He didn't much like being ignored, and especially hated it when
>people expected common courtesy from him. The only person entitled to a
>thing like that was the Great Lord himself, and nobody was going to tell him

     //Merlin's capering testicles,// spat the small voice in the back of his brain. Ive allowed himself a moment of real horror before using the rest of the split second to think. Shryant was still here, in Lucius' company, and most telling, still concious. That meant the elder Malfoy could not move immediately against It, for whatever reason. Moreover, it was both enjoying Lucius' discomfiture immensely and seemed not the least suprised to find a dead body on his host's grounds. That spoke of mech more than a passing association.

     Time to move. Without sparing a glance for either Snape or Damon, his next step took him to Lucius' side. He stood intimately close, angling his body in the ways he knew would fit them together; the line of ribs here, the tilt of the hip exact. He angled his head up, pretty mouth curved in a moue of dissapointment. "Oh, Lu- my Lord. The preperations were botched again - she was dead before we could even begin to use her properly." A gesture to the unmarked skin of the corpse. Ive folded arms across his slender chest, both in seeming reproach and self-defense. "I knew we should have taken her deeper into the house, but the servants said they had taken care of things and it would be all right if we played with her here. Honestly, they never rotate the stock of Aestivatus Draught.."

     He prattled on in this vein for a few more sentences, alternately berating the house-elves and bemoaning the loss of yet another plaything. It was a risk - oh, it was a risk. But he if knew Lucius' "associations".. Time to wrap up.

     "Sev' was being kind. He only wanted to watch, like always, but when we saw she was dead - well, she's got to be disposed of." He raised his fingers; stopped a breath shy of trailing them down Lucius' chest, twisted a smirk into an ingenue's smile when he felt the taller man's hand automatically pass itself around his back.

     "You'll forgive us, won't you? She must have been too delicate, anyway - we'll even get rid of her ourselves, as penance." Tilted eyes seemed to notice Shryant for the first time, blinked at him appraisingly, then returned to Lucius' jaw to await his answer.


we simply can't wait to see how they take this. meanwhile, Ive is absolutely squirming. "I haven't had to resort to tricks like that since I was seventeen. Subtle as stinkrose, and I'll have to find ways to make it up to both Damon and Snape.. *puff of annoyance*"


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